Amateur Radio Pics

Here are some Amateur Radio related pictures.

I was first exposed to Amateur Radio from tagging along with my older brother to an Amateur Radio Novice Class in the winter of 1975. The class was being sponsored by the Kentuckiana Radio Club (K4CSH). This was the first ARRL Field Day that I ever attended.

KRC Field Day, circa 1976

I shared radio equipment with my brother Darryl (WN4CAQ) in the family basement. I was first licensed in 1975 at the young age of twelve.

My 1st Amateur Radio Station (WN4CSH) circa 1976

After getting into my first home, I could not wait to continue my chase for DX. With the aid of many of my new friends from the Derby City DX Association, I soon had a 50 ft. tower topped with a 5 element yagi. This antenna, coupled with the peak sunspot cycle 22, only deepened my great love for DXing.

Telrex TB5ES up at 50 ft., WA4CSH (1987)

I was never more proud of my simple and modest station. The Kenwood TS-440 was the first transceiver that I ever purchased “new.” I was able to work many DX stations with this arrangement. It was about this time that I upgraded to Amateur Advanced Class and was studying for the Extra Class Element. With the aid of many experienced DXers, I was learning those necessary skills for chasing, contacting, and QSLing those rare DX stations.

A “young” WA4CSH working DX (1987)

I relocated to my present home in 1992. Following a 14 year absence from the hobby, I again caught the DX bug. After much planning, in August of 2006 I was able to install a 60 foot tower topped with a 10 element log periodic. As in the first tower picture, my brother Darryl (WA4CAQ) is doing finishing touches while at the top.

In 2007, I also made a major decision to change my Amateur Radio License Call from WA4CSH to my current licensed call of KE4KY. I also obtained my Amateur Extra Class License upgrade in 2007.

Tennadyne T-10 up at 60 feet. (2006)
2012 – Ground view of my current tower installation

Contesting, or radio sport, has become a major interest of mine. Here I am working one of  the many major contests that I enter each year.

KE4KY (2009)
  A much “older” KE4KY
Winter 2016 – Newly acquired Elecraft K3S coupled with an Acom 1500 purchased a few years ago.



The following pictures are from the ZL9HR Campbell Island 2012 DXpedition.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be a part of major dxpediton to a much wanted DXCC entity.  I had for years “dreamed” of such an event, but to have actually been involved in this project was a dream come true!

Campbell Island NZ, ZL9HR DXpedition
Welcome Sign located at the wharf  area on Campbell Island
Abandoned MET Station at Beeman Point, Campbell Island
Les W2LK on RTTY while I work SSB
Glenn KE4KY working CW
ZL9HR Team



The following pictures are from the VK9MT Mellish Reef 2014 DXpedition. I was so very fortunate to be involved in this DXpedition as one of the primary planners and operators. What a great experience to travel nearly 1000 km northeast of the Australian coast into the Coral Sea for this radio expedition.

Pista, Les, George, Gene, Glenn, & Dave
Our expedition logo
Mellish Reef…600m long by 100m wide
Mellish Reef, as seen from our anchorage
The ride from the EVOHE to the reef in the zodiac
Tents for the radio operations
Our view west…
A grey footed masked booby
Gene K5GS and myself on a zodiac ride
A hermit crab…
One of our Team photos while on the reef
For more on the Mellish Reef 2014 DXpedition, go to our webpage!