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Amateur Radio:

First licensed in 1975 under the old Amateur Novice Class License as WN4CSH. Following subsequent upgrades in 1977 to the General Class and Advanced Class Licenses, I was then issued the Amateur Call of WA4CSH. Following a change in my career in 2005, my interest in Amateur Radio was re-kindled and I once again longed to be active on the air after a fourteen year absence.  In 2007 I upgraded to Amateur Extra Class and then applied for my current vanity call of KE4KY.

T-10 up 60 ft. (2006)

As I re-entered the world of Amateur Radio, I was quite surprised on the current state of the hobby. I had a large learning curve as it pertained to many of the newer technologies supplementing everyday operating practices.

Some of those new things:

  1. Thousands of Amateur Radio internet sites
  2. Amateur Radio computer software/programs
  3. Internet based DX Spotting
  4. RTTY, PSK Computer Software (digital modes made easy)
  5. Advanced contesting logging programs
  6. On-line logs, LoTW, and QSL requesting

As I jumped in with both feet, my interests were immediately drawn to the contesting (radio sport) and Dxing (chasing foreign Amateur Stations) facets of the hobby.

My “shack” circa 2009
My “shack” 2016

I have met so many great people through the conduit of this hobby. Some of the smartest and brightest folks I know have given me the opportunity to call them “friend” simply because we share the common bond of AMATEUR RADIO!

After many years of hoping and wishing, I was finally able to be involved in a major Amateur Radio DXpedition project! My first opportunity was that of ZL9HR Campbell Island in 2012, followed by the VK9MT Mellish Reef DXpediton in 2014. What a grand opportunity I was afforded to be on the other side of the pileup. The friends made and cultivated through these experiences are very special to me, and I hold their friendship in high regard.


I am an avid big game hunter and absolutely love the opportunity to be out every fall chasing whitetail deer.

2008 Kentucky Whitetail Buck, 10 point

Taking large game with archery equipment has been one of my greatest passions since buying my first compound bow in 1983!

2007 Whitetail Buck, Archery Harvest, 9 point

Again, some of my closest friends share this outdoor passion with me every fall.  I am so very blessed each and every season for the friendships, adventure, scenery, and experiences that come my way due to this great hobby.

The Rest of the Story:

As I get older, I realize how truly blessed I have been.  My blessings began while being raised by parents that always wanted the best for me…and always pushing for me to achieve my best. One of the best decisions I ever made was that of my marriage to my wife of 30+ years.

Valinda has been the best soul-mate one could have…having tolerated the highs and lows of my demanding career, my time-consuming passions of hunting and amateur radio, and my oh-so often periods where I need to be reminded of the many good things in my life.

2014 Glenn Mellish Reef

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