Field Day 2015…Reaching the Top


As we awake out of our winter doldrums and into spring, there is already talk in some radio clubs of that summer operating event known as Field Day.

The Bullitt Amateur Radio Society (KY4KY) will soon be preparing for its yearly summer outing, with some additional operating assistance from the Kentucky DX Association (KY4XX). The BARS club of Kentucky did an outstanding job during the 2015 event, with the club having its most productive effort in the club’s history. KY4KY operated/entered in the 2F Category, which was supplemented by an allowed VHF/UHF station and a GoTA station.

  • KY4KY (2F Category) QSO’s was 1,958.
  • W4KBR (GoTA) total QSO’s was 98
  • Total QSO’S was 2,056

This effort by the BARS club members & its guests provided:

  • #1 Nationwide in the 2F Category
  • #1 Great Lakes Division in the 2F Category
  • #1 Kentucky for all entries
  • #6 Overall placement in the Great Lakes Division (all categories)
  • Top 100 finish out of all 2015 entries
Mark K9GX on SSB
Mark, a.k.a. the “StarGeezer” providing some educational night sky viewing
John NU4X on SSB showing Mason how it’s done.
Buddy KC4WQ at the GoTA station with his granddaughter
Buddy KC4WQ logging contacts in the VHF/UHF station

The BARS Club had 44 registered attendees, guests, and radio operators. I am sure we had a few that slipped by the sign-in booth as the folks came by for their visit to our site. Many thanks to the handful of folks that come out each year just to help set up and tear down the event. Luckily, the weather for the 2015 event was abnormally cool temps which helped to keep a spring in our step and no need for extra water breaks.

Thanks to all the ops that spent just a few hours, an evening, or stayed for the entire event. 

73 and see you on the bands again this June!