IARU 2015…It’s all about the F-U-N!

The IARU HF Championship that occured July 11, 2015 proved to be no disappointment for all of those that participated. Since my return to Amateur Radio as a full-time pursuit in 2006, I have really become fond of this particular contest event. I have participated yearly, with some years more fruitful than others as it relates to score and my overall placement.

For 2015, I decided that it would be interesting to gather a group of local contest talent and just see how well we could place with a dedicated effort from those very comfortable in front of the key or microphone. I invited several folks to the house for this event, planning out a loose operating scheme coupled with the treat of food from the grill and desserts lovingly created by the wife. It was a great learning experience, realizing what I did right in preparing for this event and then how I could improve and guide things for future events.

Fortunately, the bands were in relatively good shape, with activity not being hampered by any solar storms or by a K index that was over the top. One of the unique things about this year’s IARU Contest was the activity from all the WRTC stations on the air for the WRTC 2015 event, which interestingly enough was being convened in the USA.

Our single transmitter, multi-operator effort was a blast, with all that participated having a great time. One of the most important elements with any combined effort is that of achieving good results coupled with F-U-N.

John NU4X running CW
Mark K9GX while working SSB
Matt KM4DST and Mark K9GX
David N8ZFM working SSB
Buddy KC4WQ, as always, running CW
NU4X, K9GX, N8ZFM, & KE4KY. Yes…that is a Twizzler in John’s ear! It gets a little crazy at 3:00 a.m. in the morning!

Our operating effort was ended some 2-3 hours early due to some very active thunderstorm cells bearing down on our area. Even with this early exit from the airwaves, we were able to produce a very noteworthy entry.

We placed #1 in the ARRL Great Lakes Division for a multi-op, high power entry:

Displaying entries for Class=D and Power=C and Division=GL

# Call Score Power QSOs Mult Class Section      
1 KE4KY 290,427 C 763 131 D KY      
2 K4FT 69,960 C 242 106 D KY      
3 KC9EEE 21,873 C 121 69 D MI      


We placed #15 out of all the multi-op entries entered from the USA:

Displaying entries for Class=D and Division=US Only

# Call Score Power QSOs Mult Class Section      
1 KD4D 2,484,720 C 2,302 315 D MDC      
2 N6DZ 1,146,600 C 1,520 225 D EB      
3 K0BJ 956,535 C 1,507 215 D KS      
4 AA4HP 865,904 C 1,339 208 D SFL      
5 KD2RD 859,280 C 1,526 184 D NLI      
6 K9ZO 763,560 C 1,260 210 D IL      
7 N2GC 640,578 C 930 241 D NLI      
8 NX6T 578,664 C 1,346 141 D SDG      
9 KC4D 545,413 C 913 179 D VA      
10 NK9N 430,172 C 891 164 D NC      
11 AC8Y 398,546 C 619 202 D VA      
12 KD0WAK 393,210 C 826 153 D CO      
13 N7BV 366,177 C 747 159 D WWA      
14 W4AQL 302,216 C 690 148 D GA      
15 KE4KY 290,427 C 763 131 D KY      
16 WR5O 231,516 C 676 118 D WTX      


Well, the 2016 IARU will soon be upon us. Plans are being made already to again make a multi-op entry for KE4KY.

Who knows, maybe a a top 10 USA entry?? We can only hope!