Mellish Reef 2014

The Mellish Reef DXpedition, although shortened by Cyclone Ita, was a success by every measure! I have finally added some content to the VK9MT 2014 tab on this blog…so click on the link and enjoy a snapshot of the DXpedition.

There will be many articles appearing this year on the DXpedition, the first of which was in the “How’s DX?” column found in the July 2014 QST. Many thanks to the QST staff and Bernie W3UR for this opportunity to profile the VK9MT effort.

I am so very lucky to have had the opportunity to be deemed worthy of inclusion with this project. The friendships and bonds that continue to grow as a result of our meeting on a prior DXpedition are a truly a gift and a blessing.

VK9MT Team
VK9MT U.S.A. Ops
73…See you in the next pile-up!