Mellish Reef 2014

It almost seems surreal!  After receiving my “break-through” amateur radio adventure opportunity in 2012 with the Campbell Island DXpedition, I now find myself once again involved with a significant Amateur Radio DXpedition project!

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Mellish Reef is currently listed as the #25 most wanted DXCC entity on Club Log, and as #32 most wanted according to the 2013 survey by DX Magazines Most Wanted List. (info as of 9/2013)

“Where the heck is that?” you ask.  Mellish Reef is located in the Coral Sea, approximately 1100 km northeast of Brisbane, Australia (Australia’s eastern coast).

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The island is a small caye, measuring only 600 meters by 120 meters, being about 2 meters above the high-tide mark.  The caye is the only exposed part of a large reef ecosystem that is boomerang shaped, approximately 10 km long by 3 km wide.

Mellish Reef (OC-072)

The plan to activate Mellish Reef in early 2014 was conjured up by several of my former Campbell Island teammates this past June while in Budapest.  Pista/HA5AO, Les/W2LK, Gene/K5GS, & George/HA5UK put forward the idea of activating this entity and began laying the ground floor for this project.

I did not know much of the initial details, but after receiving several emails labeled, “…Fellow Team Member…” I was compelled to call Gene/K5GS and ask what was up.  He informed me that I was “on the team” unless I expressed an inability to participate with the project.  After several days of crunching potential cost estimates, looking at the 2014 calendar, and explaining the project to the XYL….I decided I was in!

As I learn more about Mellish and its previous activations, I could not be more excited and thrilled to be part of this project.

Please follow our progress as we advance this project forward.

Hope to see you in the next pile-up!!