B.A.R.S. Field Day 2013

KY4KY: Bullitt Amateur Radio Society Field Day 2013
The annual ARRL Field Day weekend for the BARS Club was once again a resounding success. 
The weekend of June 22/23, 2013 found the radio club once more going through the ritual of setting up antennas, shelters, and individual radio stations for the event


Dave/K3EL, one of my ZL9HR Campbell Island team-mates, made the trip from Princeton, NJ to Louisville just for the purpose of engaging in his 1st Field Day outing.  Valinda & I thoroughly enjoyed hosting Dave for his short stay in Louisville and sincerely hope that he will visit again in the future.

CW Station
The CW station was once again housed in the luxurious accommodations of Ralph’s/W4HK camping trailer.

The A/C of the camper trailer was a welcomed relief from the humid conditions of the typical summer weather.  The electric power for the operation was provided by a Generac 5500 generator.

The CW Station antenna farm consisted of:
Rotatable Dipole (Driven element of TA-33)
Hustler 4-BTV Vertical
80m Dipole

CW Operating Position: Kenwood TS-480SAT
The SSB Station:

SSB Antenna Farm: TA-33 & OCF Dipole
VHF Station:
VHF Station: Camper of KC4WQ
VHF Antennas
VHF Operating position
Yaesu HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
Glenn/KE4KY working CW on the VHF Station
The operating is always fun…and looked forward to every year.
Buddy KC4WQ
Darryl WA4CAQ
Ralph W4HK
Dave K3EL
Mark K9GX
The results were better than the year before….
2013 Results (graph by Rickey/KC4S)
Now…onto planning next year!!