Winter Contesting

The winter is fast in closing.  It is March 13th and the temperature is already 77 degrees.

Feels more like June than mid-March.

Over the past month or so, I and several of my close friends have been on the radio doing some contesting.  Radio Sport…as it is called in Europe…is fast becoming a savior of Amateur Radio and its allocated radio frequency spectrum.  Some contests are for stateside (U.S.A.) only, but many of the most active contests are for worldwide participants.  Upcoming contest schedules, contesting general information, and individual contest participant profiles can be found at websites such as Contesting Online, NG3K’s Website, &

I did get to participate in some recent contests…not a full effort by any means, but it is a hobby after all.
ARRL DX CW Contest:  426 contacts

Band          Total         KE4KY         
3.5           3             3             
7            82             82            
14          181           181           
21          113           113           
28          47             47            
Total      426           426           
North America QSO Party RTTY:  467 contacts

Band          Total         KE4KY         
3.5           94            94            
7              209          209           
14            95            95            
21            48            48            
28            21            21            
Total       467           467           
ARRL Internation DX SSB:
232 Contacts
699 QSO Points
137 Multipliers
Score:  88392
Some of my more favorite contests are coming up in the next few months and I hope to put in good efforts to surpass my scores from years past.
No major DXpeditions happening at this time.  The activity of the sun is making headline news, with several large solar flares shooting off the surface of the sun in the past week. 
This NOAA site is an excellent website for current solar activity.
Things coming up in the future:
Dayton Hamfest (May)
ARRL Field Day (June)
Until next time….be safe!