January DXing

January has been an active month on the Amateur Radio front.  Many good operations on the air currently:  HK0NA (Malpelo Island), VP6T (Pitcairn Island), and TN2T (Congo).
Hope all my ham radio friends are having luck with the sometimes HUGE pile-ups.  I always enjoy working the pile-ups with good friends Ralph W4HK and Bill NM4K.
If you are not a ham radio person, look up the first two islands listed (mouse over and click for link)….you may be quite surprised regarding their location and history, especially Pitcairn Island.  Clue: Mutiny on the Bounty  These barren and often times uncolonized areas of the world are visited by scientists and controlling government entities for specific purposes.  Many times Amateur Radio operators tag along and are allowed at these locations to activate the region or location for other Amateur Radio stations throughout the world for a chance at making a contact to such a rare location on the globe.

Go to DX World for a sampling of the activity that is currently “on the air.”

The 2011-12 Whitetail Season ended January 16th.  I always lament the closing of the season.  It means less time outdoors on GOD’s front porch, a few months of seeing my good friends less, and then experiencing the deepest part of the cold dark winter months.  The deer season was good to me…GOD blessed me once again with the ability and time to enjoy my greatest passion.  I was able to harvest five deer with my bow….no antlered buck this year.  One deer was gladly donated to the Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry program.

Now it is time for a little hog hunting.  One of the properties that I hunt has developed a feral pig problem.  In August of 2011, I harvested this hog just prior to the opening of the Kentucky Deer Season.

I will keep everyone posted on the hunting…..Hope you had a great January.